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Pop Up Showers

The leading cause for pop up rain showers is instability in the atmosphere. Walking through the beginning days of new motherhood can also feel very unstable at times.

Here at El Roi's Nursery we lean on God's promise in Philippians 4 that He will supply all our needs from His glorious riches which have been given to us through Christ Jesus. We plan to extend the hope of that promise to each and every mom we come in contact with through our pop up baby showers. 

Just as the Lord met Hagar right where she was, we plan to meet these precious new mothers in the same way. These pop up showers will provide the first six months of basic needs for them to able to care for and nurture their child.

Partner with us by purchasing items from our baby registry, giving a monetary donation, nominating a mother, or applying yourself. 

Contact us for a direct link to the application and/or the baby registry.


Hagar's Helping Hands

The idea for El Roi's Nursery began when the founder went to donate items that her son had outgrown and realized there weren't many local options to donate to that guaranteed a mom or baby in need would receive the items.

This program is inspired by Genesis 16. Hagar, who was expecting a child herself, encountered the Lord in a way that left her forever changed. She gave Him the name El Roi which means the God who sees me. This name still holds true today thousands of years later. Just like Hagar did at the well the day, our hope is that each mom we are able to bless through this program feels seen in a way that she never has before.

In an effort to give these moms and babies our best, our standard in receiving donations will be new or excellent used condition only without any damage, holes, or stains. We like to ask the question "would I accept this for my baby?" before placing it in the donate pile. These donations will be used to meet immediate needs in unexpected situations such as a sudden foster placement, loss from a natural disaster, or any other emergency type situations. We accept donations specific to infant needs and clothes up to 12 months in size. We are so excited and honored for this opportunity to serve you!

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